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Dedication to Maintaining Healthy Activities of Daily Living & Personal Care

At Pinecrest Assisted Living in Danville, Virginia, our friendly staff ensures that residents participate in activities of daily living (ADLs), including getting out of bed for all three meals and that they bathe and dress themselves. Personal care is provided to residents in order to guarantee their utmost comfort. Seniors enjoy the beautiful and relaxing country atmosphere of our facility and the numerous activities available for them to do throughout the day.

Elderly Woman Receiving Meal - Activities of Daily Living


Each week, volunteers visit our facility and sing to residents, and we are always accepting volunteers to provide live entertainment and interaction to the senior citizens. Residents often play Bingo, as well as a variety of other creative, intellectual, and religious activities. We post a monthly calendar in order to keep up with all activities each month.


Our assisted living facility offers two state approved diets to residents, the first being a regular diet and the other a diabetic diet. The diabetic diet features food items containing low fat, low sugar, low sodium, and low cholesterol.

Personal Care

Our elder care personnel provide assistance with bathing and dressing as documented in the Virginia Uniform Assessment Instrument (UAI). We also assist with general grooming and have a hairdresser come in monthly to provide haircuts and perms for our residents.

Contact our assisted living facility in Danville, Virginia, if you have a loved one in need of elder care.